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(1) Privacy Statement:
We are firmly against any type of spamming. By that we mean we do not
approve of the practice of sending out totally unsolicited email to 
people who have not honestly contacted us for information, or have not
been customers of ours in the past. When we email someone we want it 
be mutually desired. The vast majority of unsolicited commercial email
that people receive is of greatly dubious character. Much of it claims 
to be offering you a "great deal", "financial opportunity", "you have
requested this", "work at home", etc, etc. The people who send out these
emails often imply you have requested this "information". It is almost
always a con game to separate you from your money. Many have an email
address for you to reply to in order to be removed from their bulk
mail list. It is usually best not to reply to these, as you will then 
most likely receive even more unwanted spam. Replying only lets them 
know that your email address is valid. 

(2) Software that is purchased and opened is not refundable. We will 
try to make sure that all software leaving here is in good working
condition at the time it is sent out to you. Software that is not in
working order may only be exchanged for the same software. You have 
upto, but no more than, 30 days in which to make this request. Please 
do not just return the software without contacting us. All packages 
sent to us in that manner will be refused. Contact us first, give us
the reason for wanting to return it for checking out or exchange for
the same product. If warranted we will then issue you an RMA number.
This is a Returned Merchandise Authorization. This number then has to 
be written on the outside of the returned package. Without this the 
package will not be accepted. This is the standard business practice
throughout the business world. Please follow this policy. Thank you.

(3) Under no circumstances will we sell or give your email address, or
any other information about you to anyone. We do not compile and sell
mailing lists, email lists, etc. We know that you have a right to your

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