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WE WANT TO BE YOUR FAVORITE AND LARGEST AMIGA SOFTWARE MERCHANT IN NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA. We are not new at the mail order business and have many satisfied customers. Check out this page as it evolves, see our competitive prices, and realize that as a company we have been dealing with the public since 1986 and have suffered few complaints. We try hard to be honest all the way around. That is how we do business. Even our Postage is kept simple.

Presently we accept personal, corporate and bank checks and drafts, cash, credit cards,money orders. We also ship by C.O.D. for orders over $50. If sent by C.O.D. there is a $5.00 extra charge to cover what we are charged. Other than that the only extra charges are 5% Sales Tax if you are an Indiana resident, and our shipping and handling charge. This we try to keep very simple: Shipping is $5 in North America and $9 elsewhere in the World. No other charges. We do accept payment in hard currency English Pounds and German Marks as well as US dollars and Euro dollars.

We can now accept credit cards. We will only be accepting them via email (not a totally secure way to send the info), by phone (765-473-8031) or by fax (765-472-0783). When we have instituted the needed forms on our web page and hooked them into our Secure Online Server (progress is being made) you will be able to order from here online. This will be of great help and convenience for both you the customer and for us the retailer. Thank you. Now please check out what we have to offer.

If you wish we can send you a hard copy of our full catalog, as well as sales flyers and specials. To do this we need your regular mailing address. We can email it to you, only if you use Final Writer 97 or WordsWorth as a word processor and have an email program that can handle attachments. Serious inquiries on this only, please.

FWD Computing

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P.O. Box 17
Mexico, IN 46958
United States



CYBERGRAPHX Version 4 is the Retargetable Graphics System by Vision
          Factory Development. It was disigned to define an independent
          graphics standard for Amiga graphics boards. The full knowledge
          of more than four years of graphics board software development
          is included in this outstanding driver package. No chipmem is
          required for screen display! 15/16 and 24 bit support for all
          intuition screens plus Workbench! Many bug fixes from previous
          versions and greatly improved memory management. Direct new
          interface to all V43 picture datatypes, and much more. Price $37.
DELUXE PAINT  5 (new version)  for  $39
          Finally available on CD and updated. The Deluxe Paint series
          are long time Amiga favorites. Now with ARexx, ARexx macros,
          24 bit RGB True Color support, Multiple Palette/Variable 
          Frame Animations, Texture Backgrounds/Media Types, Camera Moves
          and a whole lot more. This is a recent version and works,
          with both PAL and NTSC. Disk based version is same price.

PERSONAL PAINT 7.1 by Cloanto for $35 (special price!)
         One of the most creative and dependable paint programs for
         Amiga. Very actively supported by Cloanto. It has full ARexx,
         Photo CD, Internet (GIF animations and map editor),vector text,
         directory thumbnails, virtual blitter and supports Power PC. 

GIGA GRAPHICS 1-4 Collection is a 4 CD set of graphics (24 bit) for
         the Amiga. One of the largest and most extensive sets there
         is from Germany and for only $25.

ART STUDIO PROFESSIONAL is perhaps the best graphic program for 
         the Amiga to catalog, archive. convert or manipulate.
         The best directory structure, works with ScanQuix the
         Amiga scanner software, recognizes and handles over 50
         different graphics format, convert any picture format 
         into any other, creates complete HTML pages, over 40
         powerful imageprocessing functions, animation (Quicktime
         and AVI), and a whole lot more. Priced at $55.

FANTASEAS is a PortFolio Photo Cd containing almost 300 high
         quality underwater Photgraphs. This 2 Cd set contains
         reef shots teeming with brilliantly colored fish, macro
         shots of various anemones, detailed shots of World War 
         II wrecks and much more for only $16. 

LIGHT ROM GOLD represents the best of Light Rom 1, 2, and 3 with
         over 6,000 Lightwave objects and scene files. The objects
         are compatible with all versions of Lightwave 3D on all
         computer platforms. Priced at $18. 

LIGHT ROM 4 is a two CD set for the Amiga, MAC or Windows/NT and
        features all new Lightwave objects and scene files. The
        bonus Cd is 3,000 JPEG Textures, which has over 3,000 
        textures in the JPEG file format, as well as thumbnail
        renderings for easy previewing. Creations done on Lightwave
        4.0 and 5.0. Priced at $23.

LIGHT ROM 5 is a 3 CD ROM set including on the first CD an all new
       collection of Lightwave objects and scene files for any version
       of Lightwave 3D on any platform. The second CD ROM contains a
       collection of Image Maps in IFF, Targa and Jpeg file formats.
       Included on this disc are the 3D Studio objects from the  
       "Studio Meshkit" CD ROM, which are directly importable into
       Lightwave 3D. The third CD ROM contains a collection of 269 
       Image Backdrops in IFF and Targa formats for use in Desktop
       Video and Multimedia. Priced at just $30.

LIGHT ROM 6 is the newest release and is a 4 CD ROM set. All new 
       Lightwave objects and scenes with a whole lot more extras.
       Just released!  Priced at $36.

TRUE 3D consists of thousands of trueSpace objects created by 3D 
       artists from around the world. Object categories include the
       following: Anatomy, Animals, Aviation, Botany, Buildings,
       Computers, Fonts, Furniture, Household, Kitchen, Land, Logos,
       Misc., Music, Phones, Robots, Ships, Space, sports, Text,
       Video, Vehicles, Weapons, and a lot more. This CD also contains
       a collection of over 950 textures that originally were in the
       CD ROM of Texture Gallery, along with preview thumbnail images.
       This is a multiplatform CD ROM that will work on any computer
       platform. Price is $10.

3,000 JPEG TEXTURES contains over 3,000 textures in the JPEG format
       because of its universal acceptance on all computer platforms
       and its compression capabilities. The index contains thumbnail
       rendering for easy previewing. Categories include: Brick,
       Bumpmaps, Carpet, Cloth, Fabric, Formica, Granite, Greenery,
       Images, Marble, Misc., Organic, Rock, Skin, Stone, Stucco,
       Tiles, Wood and many more. Price lowered to $12.

IMAGINE PD 3D consists of thousands of Imagine 3D objects created by
       Amiga and PC users from around the world using Imagine 1.0
       upto Imagine  4.0. It also contains a collection of over 950
       textures that were originally on the Texture Gallery CD ROM.
       This is a multiplatform CD and is at the new price of $12.

3D IMAGES is a multiplatform CD ROM dedicated to Raytraced images.
      It has over 800 images in IFF and Windows BMP formats. They 
      are all indexed and set up for viewing on a PC or Amiga. The
      images work great for system backdrops and were all created
      on computers by professionals. Priced at $8.
STUDIO MESHKIT is a multiplatform CD collection of 3D Studio objects
      that can be imported into other 3D programs. Contains thousands
      of objects, as well as many Targa textures from the Texture Gallery
      CD. Thumbnail renderings for easy viewing. Price is $15.

R-H-S COLLECTION from Germany is a great collection of DTP Clips, 
      Fonts, Profifonts for use as vector fonts and bitmapped. It also
      has the full version of the German DeskTop Publishing program
      PPrint Deluxe. Priced at $18.

WEIRD SCIENCE CLIPART is both Amiga and PC compatible and contains 
      over 26,000 files. Bitmap in IFF format, Coloured in IFF format,
      Proclips, Pagestream and Pagesetter EPS & IMG, and in Corel Draw
      format. Extremely cheap at only $9.

WEIRD SCIENCE MULTIMEDIA is a good collection of sounds, instruments,
      utilities, graphics and fonts. Great value for $7.

        SOUND and MUSIC PROGRAMS for the AMIGA

FUTURE SHOCK 2 is a music CD created by Eric Gleseke, and he did it all
      on an Amiga 2000 using Protacker 1.3 and MED 3.22. This is not just
      some MODS but extemely good music and a good way to show off to 
      others just what your Amiga can do. Priced at $10.

SOUNDS TERRIFIC ONE from Weird Science is a two CD disc set that 
      contains 1.2 meg of music files for both the PC and the Amiga.
      As well as utilities for converting and listening, you get 
      files in the following formats: Modules and Sonix scores,
      midi files, instruments, samples in IFF, WAV and VOC formats
      and many more utilities. Priced at $9.

SOUNDS TERRIFIC TWO also from Weird Science is another two Cd set
      intended to keep both the professional and novice Amiga and PC
      user interested. There are thousands of files ready to use and 
      lots of utilities (good conversion programs for the PC and the
      Amiga for various formats). Priced at $11.

OCTAMED 6 is the best music making program on the Amiga.You can produce
      modules with 8 channels of music, control midi instruments, and
      sample sounds. this CD version includes over 600 megs of modules,
      midi files, and samples, including the entire Walkabout Music
      Sample collection. All files fully categorized by music type.
      Octamed is a copyrighted program, not PD. Price is $11.

OCTAMED SOUND STUDIO V1 is the highly successful followup to Octamed
      6, and offers the following: Full mix facilities plus save sample
      to HD as 8 or 16 bit. A new Notator editor including notation
      printing facility. 64 channels, new MIDI commands, more Toccata
      support, no sample size limits, fastmem facility, and a host of
      other new additions over Octamed 6. This is not a PD CD ROM and
      is copyrighted material. Priced at the new cost of only $14.


      With this CD ROM you can have a fully operational Amiga up and 
      running. The new part is that you have it running on one of
      following: Windows, Windows NT, DOS, Power Macintosh and Linux.
      This is officially sanctioned and backed by Amiga Int, Amiga INC
      and Gateway and brought to you by Cloanto. The Amiga Operating
      System, all ROMs from 1.2 to 3.1, Amiga emulating software are
      all pre-installed on the CD ROM, as well as the Picasso 96 screen
      drivers for upto 256 colors. It also has an Amiga disk with a 
      copy of the Amiga-side networking software, Amiga Explorer. The
      PC portion of this software is on the CD. On a PC you should use a
      Pentium, the faster the better of course.  There is also some
      excellent Amiga software on the CD to help get you going, such as
      Personal Paint 7.1, as well as a never before released interview with
      Jay Miner, "Father of the Amiga".   New price at only $57
      Upgrades from Version One to the full Version 2 is $32.

LINUX 5.1 (RED HAT) is finally available for the Amiga! Linux is an 
      independent POSIX implementation and includes true multi-tasking,
      virtual memory, shared libraries, demand loading, proper memory
      management, TCP/IP networking and other features consistent with
      UNIX type systems. Technical support is provided free via phone in
      English and German. Priced at $28.

      One of the most fun discs out there. This contains excellent
      emulators of the Commodore 64 and the Sinclair Spectrum, all
      set to run on either a PC or on an Amiga. Besides the FULL emulators
      (no looking around for ROMs, etc) you get many, many, many 
      all-time great formerly commercial programs ready to run. About
      1,200 for  the Commodore 64 and over 3,000 Spectrum programs.
      Have fun, keep the kids real busy, etc. These run better than
      the original computers.  Priced at $22 
      Retro Gaming at it's best. Around 3,000 all-time classic Spectrum
      game files on one CD-ROM. Fully useable emulators (with no Shareware
      limitations) for Windows and the Amiga. Some of the games include:
      Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Skool Daze, Monty Mole, The Hobbit,
      Startrek, Strip poker, Danger Mouse and thousands more. These are 
      not all just repeats of what is on Retro Gold (there are some of 
      them duplicated). A lot of new stuff. Priced at $23

                 GAMES SOFTWARE for AMIGA

      Contains almost 1,000 games, all of which have been tested and most
      are ready to run directly from the CD. You can at last recycle all
      of your old games floppies and jettison the ballast of games occupying
      your hard drive, because this Cd contains practically all of the
      old favorites. Leave your HD space for the latest greatest games
      and use this for the rest. Priced at only $6

AMIGA CLASSIX is the brand new CD from Epic and is an original CD which
      features around 400 Classic Amiga Games! Many of these are full versions
      configured to run on an Amiga or a PC with Windows95/98. Using a 
      simple Amiga emulator (such as our Amiga Forever V2) you can run
      virtually all of these titles on your PC. This CD also works directly
      on a real Amiga. This CD also has the bonus of around 100 all-time
      classic Megademo's. Email us if you need to know just what games 
      are on here (400 games and 100 Megademo's is a lot!!!) Modestly 
      priced at only $23.
ARCADE CLASSIX 2 is a collection of great arcade games that gives you the
      feel of actually being back in the arcade with all of the great
      arcade games of the 80's and the 90's. replace a bunch of disks
      with the best of the arcades! Get the actual look and feel of the
      real arcade! Priced at $20.

FINAL ODYSSEY, Theseus Versus the Minotar
      This game combine logic puzzle solving with plenty of action and
      strategy, you will be armed with the most sophisticated weaponry
      and be thrown into a mind melting logical world of traps, enemies,
      puzzles and mini quests. The unique dungeon designs create constantly
      changing levels with great animation and true 3D sound effects that 
      will creat a world hard to leave. New price at $23

GAMERS DELIGHT gives you about 1,070 different games of all categories. 
      Some of them are the best out of PD and Shareware, but many are 
      former commercial games. A great collection that will have something
      to please everyone from arcade, racing, role playing, adventure,
      shoot'em ups, mind games, board games, etc. Priced at $20.

      Hundreds of the very best gambling games available for Workbench
      and for Windows. Works with amiga and PC. Lots of games such as:
      Mahjong, Chess, Various Board Games, Card Games, Pub Quiz's, Roulette,
      Fruit Machine Simulations, Battleships, Dominoes, Darts, Bingo,
      checkers and many more. Newly priced at $20.

      Invigorating and thrilling 3D action with texture mapping speeds
      never before seen on any Amiga entertainment title. The game is a great
      visual experience that is matched with special effects that are
      matched only by speed, response time and gameplay. You will embark on genetic
      warfare throughout this violent 3D world where plot based puzzle solving
      will be essential. Engage in body transfers while using the most
      horrific weapons, with over 16 characters (you are a Bioshifter, 
      the first of it's kind!!!) to choose from. This is THE game that PC
      users wish they had for their computers, but it is only on the Amiga!
      The price is $38.

MYST is now available for the Amiga and was the all time best selling
      game for the PC...and now also for the Amiga. Beautiful graphics and
      sound as you explore this strangely haunting world. This is not a
      game of violence, but in a genre of it's own! Priced at $48.

OH YES! MORE WORMS requires you to already have the game Worms, but it 
      adds about a 1,000 custom levels to the game. Lots more fun! Lots
      of new voices for the game. Priced at $9.

QUAKE is probably the number one high tension shoot'em up of all time and
      for a long time it was on the "we want" list of Amiga users. It is
      now here..with nothing missing and some reviewers saying it beats
      the PC and MAC version for smoothness, etc. A very addictive game
      and not for the fainthearted.  Priced at $47.

THE STRANGERS..well as it says on the back of the CD "this is no place for
      the squeamish, so turn back now...only the most deadly warriors
      can hope to survive an encounter with the Strangers". Full speech
      Intro and Endings with awesome animation. Death match arena for
      upto 6 human players, Gangwars Arena, practice Holographic mode.
      Digitally mastered Screams & Speech! Multiple move animations for
      each player. New price at $26.

TIME OF RECKONING is Weird Science's latest contribution for Quake and
     Doom2 followers. This CD is full of addons, new levels, characters
     and utilities for both the PC and Amiga users. All new stuff to
     help you get even more out of Quake, etc. Be able to use most of
     the new levels, backgrounds, weapons, etc written for the PC on your
     Amiga. Priced at $20.  

UROPA 2 is where you are the newest edition of the Centurion Task Force
     and your mission is to save Uropa 2 from destruction at the hands of 
     the Kapone droids. Communications with the moon have ceased and the
     fate of the colonists is unknown. This is a 3D Vectored Isometric
     Action Adventure!..with 10 gigantic, strategy based missions. It has 
     full digital speech throughout and linear plot progression. This
     game is fully configurable and includes an extra Howar Wars Game with 
     serial link for upto 2 players. New price at $26.

VIRTUAL KARTING 2 is the smash sequel to the original best selling Amiga
     game Virtual Karting. This game is realistic so do not expect to pass
     all of the karts easily. All of the karts have exactly the same (2 types
     of Karts) performance as yours. The difference is made up for by the unique skills
     of the driver (you or the 5 karts piloted by the computer.) All of
     the skills needed in real karting are needed here and incorporated into
     game. Demo and learning mode available for you. Priced at $16.

VULCANOLOGY is the Miniseries compilation from Vulcan Software. This is 
     ten of their biggest hits in their first 3 years of producing Amiga
     game software. Only 500 these were made, so it is the number one
     collector CD. It includes: Jetpilot, Burnout, Tiny Troops, Time
     Keepers 1 & 2, Bograts, HillSea Lido, Valhalla 1, Valhalla 2 and
     Valhalla 3. Very cheap at only $35.

ENVOY 3 is the only networking software specifically designed for the Amiga
      Computers. It allows you to access resources like files and directories
      on connected Amiga computers as if they were on a local disk. Naturally
      this also includes removable media support. Printing over the
      network is also a feature of Envoy 3. It has security and management
      features that allow you to restrict access in a flexible manner for
      multiple users. It is easy to set up and configure. Priced at $59.
PFS3, Professional File System 2 is the all new followup to AFS Pro and
     is much improved and with better support from the original author.
     Upto 500% faster than FFS, disks are always valid, parallel access with
     real multi-tasking and no more lost files with the delete. It can handle
     harddisk upto a size of 200 Gigabyte! Also a free bonus of the great
     game KANG FU! Priced at $54. Upgrade from V2 to V3 is $34.

MEETING PEARLS V4, is one of the finest collections of PD and Shareware
     for the Amiga and is stored on the CD in a ready to run format with
     a special (and easily configurable many ways!) interface to allow most
     of it to be run from the CD with no problem. Unlike many CD ROMs the
     games are unlikely to crash. The search tools and use of MUI and 
     AmigaGuide on it allow for ease of use and finding what you want.
     Priced at $12.

PRINT STUDIO PRO allows you tto create and print a wide variety of business
     cards and labels. It contains several sophisticated functions to 
     place and edit text and graphic objects and supports a color depth
     upto 24-Bit (16.8 million colors). It supports WYSIWYG on all Amigas
     running OS 2.o on up with powerful dithering mechanisms. All WB
     printer drivers are supported. It has a versatile color correction 
     system to result in perfect color output on all supported printer 
     models. It also has PictureCat: A program for the storage and the
     administration of picture collections making it an excellent add-on 
     to Print Studio Pro. It also has: Printer24: A tool for printing 
     pictures in real 24-Bit. All common picture formats and printers
     are supported. Priced at $35.

STUDIO PROFESSIONAL V2.2 is the best printer drivers for your Amiga. They 
     work with any application. Additional software allows printing of images
     directly from disk in 8-Bit or 24-Bit precision. Studio Pro also
     introduces the first professional Color Management System on the
     Amiga ensuring that the printer colors match your screen colors or any 
     other type of source. The system can easily be calibrated using
     a scanner. many printer calibration files are already included. 54
     of the lateest dithering methods are supported and it has PageStream
     V3x support (JPEG, Datatype, etc.). Priced at $39.

WINBENCH98 replaces all of the other CD ROMs for addon utilities for your
     Amiga. New replacements for WorkBench, Icons, utilities, fonts, system
     speedup and analysis and quite a bit more. It also has a lot of 
     similar programs on it for the PC running Windows98, make it seem more
     like an Amiga! This CD dresses up and improves both the Amiga and
     the PC. Priced at only $18.

500 SCREENSAVERS V2 gives you tons of the newest, best screen savers and 
     utilities for both your Amiga and PC running Windows. Nowhere else will
     you find the sheer number and quality of screensavers to entertain you
     and protect your monitor screen from burns to it. New StarTrek, Dancing Baby,
     Bill Clinton with his horn playing the Blues, and hundreds more.
     Priced at $15.

VIRTUAL COMPUTER PETS is great for both kids and adults and contains over
    a dozen "Cyber pets" for both the Amiga and PC. Each one is different.
    A fun and amusing way to wile away some time. Priced at only $12. 

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