What is a Cambridge Z88 and why would I want one?

Most people who have used a Cambridge Z88 computer call it the quietest and the handiest page size computer in the world. It weighs only two pounds and is the size of a sheet of paper and less than 1.5 inches in height. It has a built-in mono-color screen, a built-in EPROM programmer to semi-permanently store new programs to the permanently installed application programs. It has a first class word processor (Pipedream), a database, a spreadsheet, VT52 Terminal program (able to be expanded to a VT100), a calendar, clock, alarm clock, diary, program and data import/export program (we have programs and cables to expand this for use with Macs, IBM compatibles, QLs and Amigas) and superb file handling capabilities. Unlike the mainstream computers of today it is very stingy in how it uses it memory. When it comes to text it gives you in 32K what would take 400K on the Pentiums of today. It uses easily removable pseudo static-ram cartridges and EPROM cartridges to expand itself. The original machine came with only 32K of internal memory, but thanks to the work of Don Walterman and John Impellizzeri you can now get it with either 128K or 512K of internal memory, and up to two meg of plug in memory, as well as upto 256K of EPROM.If you already own one we can tell you who can upgrade it for you. For a full catalog of these computers and all of the hardware and software you can have for them, send an email to John Rish at: 74601.1535@compuserve.com and request their Z88 catalog by fax or regular mail.

DID I MENTION IT WORKS GREAT AS A PORTABLE FOR YOUR IBM, MAC, AMIGA, QL OR ATARI COMPUTER! What other palm top does this? A simple cable, disk and cartrdige from the dealer and it is ready to communicate with just about any other computer there is!

What is a QL (Quantum Leap) Computer? and What is a Sinclair computer?

We no longer stock or sell Z88s or QLs. Part of the business went to Rio down in Brazil, and we hope to have the rest sold soon to John Rish in San Antonio, Texas. In fact email John and encourage him to keep the Z88 and QL available for North America. He can be emailed at: 74601.1535@compuserve.com. They are still good computers, we just ran out of space and time to do both them and the Amiga and MAC software.

The QL computer was originally the brainchild of Sir Clive Sinclair of the UK and the company of Sinclair Research. For many who used it it was his greatest feat. But like many objects of greatness it was up to others to put it to good use and to expand upon it It was one of the first 16/32 bit computers, and aside from the Amiga computer, it was and remains one of the easiest to do true multi-tasking on. Oddly enough this all happened in 1983. At that time multi-tasking was not even a dream for the IBM compatibles. The original QL did not even come with disk drives (this was soon remedied) but had two built-in tape drives that were somewhat like either miniature tape back-up systems or eight track tapes of the 1970's. It also did not come with great sound (it was rather like the Sinclair Spectrum computer in sound capability) and offered only 8 colors. Since that time, these two have been remedied. More news on this on our page about the newest ways to expand and update a QL computer! Most present day users have other computers, but keep coming back to their QL for ease of use and a stable operating system, that is still making moderate technical advances while maintaining user access unknown on a PC.

It is now available in many ways to have this as an easily programable and fun to use fully multi-tasking computer for a fraction of what you would pay for a MAC or Pentium. You can get it as a plug-in ISA card, a fully funtioning software emulated operating system, or as an upgraded standalone QL, as well as the new Aurora PC cased version. Write or email for a full QL catalog. It has great software and hardware at reasonable prices. Send a request to John Rish at: 74601.1535@compuserve.com and ask him to fax or email you a catalog (he will need a fax number or mailing address.)

OWN A COMPUTER YOU CAN ACTUALLY PROGRAM YOURSELF, NOT JUST USE CANNED PROGRAMS ON! Would it not be nice to own a computer that is not going to need thousands of dollars each year just to keep it current? The user base is not the worlds largest, but they do have dedication to this machine. Fun and easy, and inexpensive!

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